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DTN CATTLE PRICES/TRENDS               07/15 12:10

KANSAS     600  95, Few 95.75 .              .             .
NEBRASKA   500  98.00         157.00        *96.00(BID)    157.00
TEXAS      .    .             .              .             .
COLORADO   .   *95-96(BID)    .             *95-96(BID)    .
IOWA       .    .             .              .             .
                               *PRIVATE SOURCES     
DTN COMMENTS:  Some light trade has been reported in Nebraska at $157, fully 
steady with last week's weighted average, and a few deals in Kansas are 
noted at mostly $95, with a few up to $95.75, steady to $0.75 higher than 
both yesterday and last week's weighted average. Some asking prices remain 
firm around $100 live and $160 dressed. A light to moderate trade developed 
in the South yesterday at mostly $95, fully steady with last week's weighted 

The National Daily Boxed Beef Cutout and Boxed Beef Cuts report has been 
delayed due to technical difficulties. Our best guess is that beef cutouts 
will be lower with light to moderate box movement. Cattle futures near the 
noon hour are moderately to sharply higher on live contracts and mostly 
sharply higher on feeders. Nearbys are faring better than deferreds on both 
live and feeder issues. Also note that Daily Direct Negotiated Purchase 
Summaries have also been delayed.

The Fed Cattle Exchange Auction today listed a total of 1,224 head, with 275 
actually sold, 949 head listed as unsold, and 0 head listed as PO (Passed 
Offer). Only Kansas and Texas were offering cattle this week, the breakdown is 
as follows: KS 1,005 total head, with 275 head sold at $95.50-$95.75, 730 head 
unsold; TX 219 total head, which all went unsold. The delivery date/weighted 
average breakdown is as listed: 1-9 day delivery: 680 head total, 275 head 
sold, with a weighted average price of $95.62; 1-17 day delivery 544 head 
total of which none sold.

NOTE:  Feedlots are encouraged to call DTN with any cattle sales, at
1-800-369-7675, ext. 3678. All sales will be listed anonymously and 
organized by state. All live sales are FOB and set for 1-9 day delivery. 
General trends and summaries from this data will also be posted on the Daily 
Sales Reported to DTN page.

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